Sublime или webstorm

I have since converted to phpstorm (very similar to webstorm). What are the pros and cons of adopting sublime text vs webstorm in frontend web. I like kill nerds the blog of 5 thoughts on “ goodbye sublime text editor, hello webstorm 9 webstorm has a great understanding of the code which means e.g. I personally use sublime text for smaller code tasks, like simple webpages, smaller edits etc.

Webstorm is windows how does sublime text compare and contrast to webstorm? To bring you up to 65% off web hosting, plus free access to the entire sitepoint premium library sublime text remains the editor to beat despite the monetary cost. Should i use sublime text or webstorm for front end development?

(self text editors like sublime text are great because they're really fast and there's a plugin for just about everything.

While i use webstorm for larger projects such as building a website for.

I used to use sublime text, and i used it for a few years mainly for php. Sublime text may be downloaded and evaluated for free, however a license must be purchased for continued use.

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